V Day Worthy: Overalls and Velour





Happy Winter my loves and Happy almost Valentine’s Day ,

The above statement (about Winter) may genuinely depend on where you live. I live in Michigan and believe it or not we have had quite a beautiful few days here! I have been able to laugh, smile, drive my car without crying, and even leave the house without a Down coat!

I recently got into one of the recent trends Overalls!!! With Valentine’s Day a week away, I thought these were perfect and fitting for this  Valentine’s Day season as well. Overalls are of course not a new phenomenon, they are just back bigger and better! Growing up I remember construction workers and painters wearing overalls, but I don’t remember them being for fashion. I even remember them being made by uniform and work clothing companies like Dickies and Carhart. So I have to say thank you to the companies that created overalls and thank you to the designers who made them fashion forward. As a woman with a lot of hips, it’s nice to be able to put on one piece and it be an entire outfit! What a time saver!

If you are interested in these overalls check them out on the clearance rack at Target. I added a Charlotte Russe leotard and a hat and you have a simple fashion forward outfit.

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