Have you ever wanted to just tell everyone to leave you alone? I hate to admit it, but that’s how I’ve felt lately. Glad I can still share a smile, because I’m seriously considering taking a break from “people-ing” to focus on my sanity. As this has been my mood lately, I thought this was the perfect post and outfit to share.

I am not upset, just tired of people pleasing. This year is supposed to be about me and my growth and I am starting to forget that. I am on a mission to become who God has called me to be and in that comes some difficulties. As vulnerable as this post is, I do not want to give out too much as it may seem personal to some.  I have come quite a ways from the old me and I am trying my hardest to not return to that way. Please keep me in your prayers and thoughts throughout the next few days as I get back to focusing on me.

Outfit details: Overalls- Target- SIMILAR | Shoes- Ami Clubwear- SIMILAR| Shirt- Thrifted- SIMILAR

Photo Cred: Jaimee Lynn Cheeks

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