Pink Ruffles

Hi Fashion Loves,

So I have been trying to do better with exploring my city a bit and having more fun before fun is truly “optional.” It’s hard to believe I have been here 3 years and I still have to use my GPS to go literally everywhere. I am not good with knowing what side of town I am on without the major landmarks, and knowing the major cross streets just embarrass me. One of the ways I am finding creative ways to see more of my city is by finding different locations to shoot my blog pictures. It has not only been beneficial, but its fun and amazing to see all the real beauty my city has to offer.

I stumbled across this hidden gem, (well kind of hidden, it actually covers about 2 blocks of an industrial street in the downtown area). I was literally driving to another location to shoot a look and saw this wall full of art and some beautiful train tracks surrounded by rocks to match! I was excited and had to pose for a pic here. This spot encompasses someones creative artistry as well as captures the idea of the hard working individuals who work inside this building. Not to mention the train tracks having the ability to take you from one side of the area to another. I’m learning to appreciate beauty in the little things. Have you found ways to enjoy your city? Have you stumbled across places you have never seen before? 

Now I know I’ve give you an earful NOT about fashion, so on to this fab find I found at the infamous Target! Of course this dress was found on the clearance rack and was a sure hit with everyone who has seen me in it. The dress provides comfort, a beautiful color and the detail of the crossed ruffle top encompassing a cold shoulder is what makes me smile the most. Of course, the only way to complete this look was with some super cute nude sandals that also came from Target.   Is there anything you like about this look? Let me know in the comments!

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