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Hey fashion loves,

Are you up for some Casual work fashion this week? It’s crazy how much times have changed with work fashion and professionalism. As a millennial of course we are known to see  and do things in the work place much differently than the Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers. Times have changed and so has technology. There is also a thing called “office culture” that is recognized amongst many of us in the work force now. Depending on what field of work you are in the office culture can look different in many ways.

For some individuals particularly those in Corporate fields a casual work look is never acceptable, for me in education I can ultimately wear whatever I want as long as it is length and coverage appropriate. I know this post may not be appreciated by some depending on the field you work in. I still wanted to share my take on casual in the work place. For this look, I chose casual and preppy. One of my favorite things about this look is I can wear it to work or even just out on a day when I want to be a little more than “relaxed.”

Would you believe I thrifted this top? Of course, Goodwill came in handy for a striped top that is pretty much perfect in everyway. This top is white with blue stripes and I love the collar and cuffs as they are the purest white, making this shirt pop! I decided to add in a necklace I got on sale for $3 in Walmart to highlight the necline of this shirt even more.

As you are aware, I stop in to Target like its nobodies business. Everything from dishes to storage, food, to clothes, Target is my JAM! While I was in Target earlier this year, I came across the collection “A New Day” and it is all me in every way. This collection is fierce, eclectic, classy, and comes in my size (major plus). I found these dark wash flare denim and could not pass them up. To the naked eye they could almost pass for slacks but are indeed denim in material. I love the fit, cut, and color of these jeans so much. I paired them with a small waist belt I had at home and this look was complete! Tell me what you casual work attire looks like? What is your office culture?

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