Red Light

Hey there,

What screams Summer more than a lace crop top? Okay, okay, there are a ton of things that scream Summer more than a crop top like Floral culottes, vibrant Bodycons, and Colorful shoes, but I must say, crop tops are high on my Summer list. Crop tops are fun, flirty, and can be worn with a flat stomach, semi flat stomach, or however one sees fit!

I love to get dressed and be comfortable and cute at the same time. This crop top allowed that for me. I was able to pair it with some super comfy cotton joggers, my extremely comfortable red sandals and I had a complete look. I didn’t even need a purse with this look. Seriously, had a wristlet and my keys!

Joggers can be worn in every season and that is what I love so much about them. I appreciate even more how they are socially excepted in many circles and for various events now. They are unisex in many cases as far as style and they saved me from my dreaded relationship with jeans! (Believe it or not, I am not a fan of jeans.) Someone bought these joggers for me last year as part of a gift and I cannot stop wearing them. They have a shimmer to them that is hard to match with any of my other clothing so I just ignore it most often and pair it with what I think is best.

This look was super fun, and super Summer for me. I am hoping to pair this top as well as these pants with something else in the near future as well. Please share with me your relationship with crop tops and joggers, particularly in Summer.


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