Rock the Runway GR for Breast Cancer


My very first fashion show happened this weekend. It gave me so many emotions. I was extremely nervous, overjoyed, excited, and under experienced.  I am not a model and have never claimed to be one especially not a runway model. This was most certainly an amazing experience though. I loved every second of this. The clothes I modeled were beautiful and fun. I enjoyed most of all showing off the African Fashion by Delasie because I support small Black businesses!

This show was created 6 years ago to bring awareness to Brest Cancer and celebrate Survivors as well as those we have lost to this disease. Meeting all the survivors and being able to hear their stories is something I will never forget and it is most certainly a highlight for my fashion career (I use that lightly) thus far.

For more information and pictures check out: Rock the Runway GRrtr_2016_rp-4659-768x513rtr_2016_rp-4661-768x513rtr_2016_rp-4690-768x513rtr_2016_rp-4691-768x513rtr_2016_rp-4739-768x513rtr_2016_rp-4740-768x513

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