Romantic Red…Burgundy-ish (It’s our anniversary!)






Hey Family!!!

Thanksgiving is here and I enjoyed doing a romantic look for this Holiday season. I know there are a lot of different style preferences for Holidays and dependent on the type of event, you can go for so many different looks. As I explored a few different looks this Holiday, I adored this romantic look for a Holiday date night with babe. Not only is it a Holiday date night, it just so happens to be our anniversary!

I know for many the Thanksgiving tradition is visit family and stuff your self silly, but I don’t prefer Holiday traditions.As I decided to actually not celebrate by visiting a bunch of family members houses, a date night with babe is one of the fun Holiday activities I adore. If you are looking for different Holiday styles check out my personal styling service and Book me today.

As one of my favorite colors for this Holiday season is Burgundy, I had to bring out this lovely lace dress. This dress was purchased as a gift for me last Christmas from my mom after we went shopping days before and I picked this dress out and put it back on the rack. Of course to my surprise on Christmas day opening up this beauty that my mother was so thoughtful to purchase for me makes it all the more special. As I need a bit of comfort and simple style to go along with this dress I paired it with my infamous Target heels for this season and a smile.

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I hope you enjoyed… Now on to the Love story…

If you do not know I have been rocking out with Rodney for 2 years now (whoo hoo!!!), and he is truly my best friend. We met at a time where I was doing well in life from an academic and goal oriented point, but an emotional and supportive sense of me was missing.


Rodney and I met in a very modern and millennial way (although he is in that crazy space where people are either millennials or Gen X). We met online and we talked online for over a month before he asked me out. I was not about that life at first. One of my grad school cohort members made a little pact with me that we would both get online and just see what it’s like, and I am truly grateful for agreeing to that even though we were hardly serious! Rodney asked me out on a whim one day we were chatting online and I said yes, and hello to my first blind date. We met at a very public and very local place (the mall :-)) and I must admit I sent a picture of myself and what I was wearing and all his credentials that I knew at the time to one of my friends just in case. Any who, we met up had a pretty whack date in my opinion and I hesitantly finally gave him my phone number (one of the best decisions ever now lol). Rodney was consistent, he called, he was patient and supportive of my space and timing. After a trip out of town for work I decided to go on another date with him and we have not left each others sides since then.


Rodney has been a true rock for me. I literally met this man in the thick of my graduate school journey (well it was the beginning, but I was alone doing this) and he jumped right in and made my life much easier. From emotional  support to literal physical support when I was weak and tired. He has pushed me toward my dreams while never complaining about me being too busy for him. Rodney was one of the biggest encouragers of me traveling abroad, taking on the internships I did and most of all, starting my own business. This man, my man cannot be topped.


Now, I would like to say our relationship is perfect, and I will… It is perfect for us. We laugh, we growl, we smile, and we cry (we’ve seen a lot of heartbreak as we have joined lives), but it has been the BEST journey thus far. We have combined lives in a sense where every move includes the other person and I could not be more happy! Rodney has a very chilled personality and a calming that is unmatched. I’m the fire cracker in the relationship and he has a way of keeping the calm in the storm. His subtle ways and perfect jokes make my heart smile in away that many people will never understand.


Although, I have a ton of stories to tell and so much to share about Rodney and I, we’ll leave it at this…Rodney is a MAN, and a GOOD one. As we celebrate 2 years I want the world to know why my heart is so full, and why it has been so easy to accomplish so much… It’s because my support system is strong and loyal.

When I think about life, I can’t think of it without this man, I am grateful that God has allowed us to find one another, and even more grateful that God is molding and keeping us for one another! Happy Anniversary to my heart and my homie, I love you!



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    1. Amazing story Care! Love the date night outfit. Happy anniversary and have a great Thanksgiving.

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