Ruffles & Fringe

Happy Saturday Fashion Loves,

How are you enjoying your day? I know this is a fashion blog, but it is also my place to truly share some of my life and feelings. I promise to share fashion, but I will not ignore things that impact me and my community as well. Although I am not apart of the Houston community, I have family and friends there, and what is happening has effected so many individuals. With so much happening right now in Houston, I have been a bit on the down side. I wish I was in a position to truly help some of the individuals affected by Hurricane Harvey. My sister in love (law) and her family lost their home and I just can’t shake that feeling. Although this is not the happiest time I am still in a place of rejoicing for God the Father keeping people alive. This tragedy is truly a reminder that your life can change at any point. Never forget that.

Gear shift – There is no way to truly share some of the emotions I have been feeling overall with my wedding being less than 30 days away either. My fiance has been sick, my weight has been up and down, work is crazy and I really feel like all the little things are starting to fall a part a bit. I have not ben too stressed about the wedding up to this point, outside of my invitations, but this week has been a world of emotions. My photographer backed out on us, my centerpieces are yet to be completed and I have ordered zero decor for the ceremony. Nonetheless, it’ll all work out, I can feel it. 

Although I can go on and on about how I feel about some of the things happening in life right now, I choose to be happy, and wear things that make me just that. On to the fashion! You know how I enjoy a good Burlington find, I also love a good Goodwill find as well. Well this look gives me both! Can you guess which one came from where? Well if you guess the top from Burlington and the skirt from Goodwill you are absolutely right! I have been holding on to this skirt for years and it never fails me when pairing it with something new. I came across this ruffle top at Burlington when I was out a few weeks ago and I just had to add it to the collection. It’s so Summer, yet feels so Fall (perfect transition).

As the focus of this look is the ruffles in this top and the fringe in these shoes, I am absolutely in love with the ability to pair them together. I did not realize when I purchased this shirt how much it would compliment these shoes and add to this look overall, but I am so glad I purchased both! I wanted to keep this look simple and I believe I did just that letting the fringe in the shoes highlight the look. Tell me what you thought of this look! 

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