Shorts at Work Series Day 3


The #shortsatworkseries continues. As you already know this week I have been challenged to wear shorts to work everyday this week and I am truly enjoying it!!! This has been a bold and freeing experience. Partly because I just started wearing shorts about a year ago, and also as a new professional “testing the water” too much could be problematic. Fortunately, I have received nothing but support and compliments at work and beyond on all of the outfits I have worn thus far.

If you enjoy this outfit check below for the details

Blazer: Attention Blazer from KMART, was $4, no longer sold at KMART to my knowledge

Shirt: Camisole (sold numerous places)

Shorts: CHAPS Brand, I purcahsed them from Value World Westland, MI $2.50 during the 50% off sale

Necklace: I may have purchased this at Rainbow, I just know it was $1.99

Bracelets: These have been with me for years, unsure of purchase location

Ring: Goodwill



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