Shorts at Work Series Day 4


As I am nearing the end of the work week, I must say this #shortsatworkseries has been fun and a great challenge for me. I love my outfit today because these shorts are so comfortable seeing as they’re DIY!!! I took some old pants that were too short, cut them below the knee, rolled them up and ironed them to create a cuff! These were fun and something I think I will do with a few more pants I’m thinking of dismissing.

Earrings: $1 jewelry store (Closed now)

Blazer: Kmart $4 I’ve worn 3 different colors this week!! Similar blazer:

Shirt: Walmart $3

Shorts: Old Pants I cut

Shoes: Charlotter Russe $40.99

Purse: Walmart $13

Lipstick: NYX Matte Lip Cream Amsterdam



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