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Fashion Loves,

Would you believe we are well into Fall? I feel like I missed out on a lot of the Summer this year because I was so busy planning for life in the Fall, and not actually living in the moment. This is not necessarily a bad thing for me, its honest though. Tying to find the time to fit everything into everything else can be difficult, but through it all you have to stay positive and keep a smile. This season of my life has made me appreciate the little things more and more.

Lately, I have been in a very good place and I plan to keep it that way. I have been blessed beyond measure in my personal, professional, and blogging life! Although I have some abundant highs, I have had some challenging lows, but I have learned how to stay positive and enjoy life through it all. We should do our best to keep life simple if we can. Live off of the “live, love, laugh” rule (which is easier said than done). I have begun to smile and be grateful for the morning sunshine, the ability of my limbs, and my employment. This seems minor but I recognize that I am living a life without lack. Can I have more money, sure, can I lose a few pounds, if I tried, of course we can all talk about the things we hope for, but how often do we really appreciate and recognize the things we already have? The outfit in this post is my take on enjoying the simple things. So, when I first began this post, I was not trying to be overly deep, but it evolved as I began to write. I stumbled across this top a little while ago while shopping at Target (in the clearance of course). This shirt is the definition of purity and clean. It reminds me that each new day is a day to start fresh, to cleanse myself of yesterdays hurts, disappointments, and mistakes. Seriously, I really began to think about that when I saw myself in this shirt. The sleeves being bell shaped and having a small net type fabric reminds me of the opportunities we have to “breathe” and free ourselves in moments of despair. The shirt is loose fitting yet clings to the shoulders which reminds me that every situation won’t fit you same way/ There will be times where its the perfect fit, you’re equipped with the tools to handle what is thrown your way, and there will be times where the fit is a little less perfect and you’ll have to work at the resolution.  Of course, I had to pair this top with one of my favorite jeans, “distressed” because they remind me that it is okay to be imperfect. You may have rips and scars that make you seem unworthy, but when paired with the right *insert noun* you become complete. These jeans are full of tiny threads and to the common eye they go unnoticed individually, but when you rip and tear at the fabric you can expose the individual threads that make up these jeans. This is the same thing that happens when life rips and tears at you, it reveals the individual and unique parts of you, but that’s just it, they help to make you!

I ended this look with a wick made purse decorated in a floral design with shoes to compliment it. Flowers are  recognized and appreciated for their beauty no matter where they are. This too reminds me of the many reasons and ways to recognize the beauty I posses.

I hope you enjoyed this post and didn’t get too bored or overwhelmed with my “oversharong.”

Love Care!

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    1. I don’t think I’ll every look at ripped jeans the same. Love this look!! Proud of you ☺️

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