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Hey Fashion Lovers,

So this is back down memory lane… In Summer of 2015 I had the opportunity to travel to South Africa which is where this beautiful skirt came from. This post is a bit emotional for me already… I traveled to Capetown, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Giyani South Africa as a graduate student. I received my Masters degree from Grand Valley State University (GVSU), but this trip was extra special because I traveled with a group of graduate students from New York University (NYU). At the time of my travel, I did not appreciate it as much as I do now due to the experiences I had while abroad.

I loved South Africa, but I was met with many challenges when connecting with my peers from NYU as well as the experience of being abroad for the first time. My passport was lost or stolen while there, a particular individual was difficult to deal with, and my homesickness was at an all time high .These are just the surface issues related to my travels. Now that I am back and it has been over a year, I have done some true reflection and I would not have traded my experience abroad for anything. Due to my missing passport, I was able to visit the embassy and see what it was like (I actually experienced American privilege for the first time). I met some amazing people whom I still keep in touch with, my resume was enhanced majorly and I gained global experience and awareness.

If you are interested in my S.A journey more thoroughly, please visit my blog at You have to scroll to the very beginning of the blog, or use the search button by typing in South Africa. You can also see me featured in the GVSU Study Abroad Video.

Now on to this outfit….this lovely skirt was purchased in a local market (I had to haggle). I saw this print and fell in love!! I simply paired it with a long sleeve tee I purchased at Walmart and a $14 necklace I purchased from Rue 21 (They were $1 at the end of the season).  The beautiful clutch I snagged on sale from Aldo and some sleek heels from Target won this outfit over! Don’t forget to check out my personal styling services and Book me today to make sure you too can look fabulous!

Photocred:Maa’lik Falsetto

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