Spring Fiesta!

Hey Fashion lovers!

How has Spring 2017 been treating you? Lately, Spring has been cold to me, but I am so grateful that we are reaching a point of warmth now. I was beginning to get a little worried about what the rest of the Spring may hold honestly. In light of the fact that Spring is often filled with inconsistent weather, I can say I was prepared and yet not prepared! One of the advantages to this Spring weather though, still being able to wear dark denim!

Now if you know me you know denim is not my favorite material due to its comfort level or lack there of shall I say. I must admit though, I love a good fitting pair of jeans for look, style, and the many ways you can match them up with things. This pair I am wearing is this picture is one of my favorites as they are a solid wash and can be paired with practically anything in my closet!

Since the weather is allowing for it, I have chosen to pair these jeans with this fun pom and fringe top with bell sleeves. Honestly, I saw this shirt and was a bit confused as to how to put it on, but the detail and cut of it had me amazed! Not to mention this shirt was a whole $5, FOR THE WIN! The double layer on the shirt allows me to not have to be “snatched” up underneath… don’t act like you and your best friend don’t be getting snatched up with those cinchers and trainers. 🙂 Anywho, a double layer, slight length in the back, and just enough skin on the shoulders made this shirt still hot yet allowed me to be comfortable!

One of my favorite trends for this season are Bell sleeves! I am not sure how this designer managed to get the bell sleeves onto this shirt design, but I think it works. They are fun and honestly do not take anything away from the rest of the shirt itself. They are very airy and flow perfectly with the length of the shirt! I had so much fun in this look and this unique top was a show stopper! I slid on some simple yet extremely tall heels to keep me as lean as possible and here you have it!


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