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Hi Fashion loves,

I had so much fun bringing you all the What to wear to a wedding series this past week. This week I am jumping into something that makes me a little less comfortable, but I must admit wearing confidence is far more important that wearing clothes. A few years ago I started wearing shorts, and trust me I am still adjusting. I love shorts, I love my body but sometimes I am a bit conscious about my thighs.

I have learned to live with and love on my curves and the way in which my thighs rub together. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It was not an over night journey, but it was a journey that is mine! I was afraid to show off my legs because of what others might say or think, but honestly, I’ve had the “juice” all along! My fiancé bout me these shorts last year and I only wore them to the store with thong sandals or tennis shoes. This year I decided to play on the Summer season and the good weather and celebrate my curves like anyone else would.

I opted to pair these shorts with a blazer and tank because thats just my style. I can only show so much skin at a time lol. This look was actually a hit in the Spring. Some of my favorite bloggers brung out shorts and white blazers, so I figured, why not open up the Summer season with it before its too warm to cover up these arms. The shorts hug me pretty tight so I opted for a blazer that was long enough to cover the top of my shorts. It also added to my curves by being tailored to my waistline slightly.

As I wanted to keep this look simple and not bring too much attention to it, I did not wear jewelry or a belt and stuck to the nude shoe trick. If you don’t know what the nude shoe trick is, nude shoes help to elongate your shape. Although my shoes are not my shade of nude, they are more in the tan family, the same concept works here as this pair is simplistic and a true summer sandal. Share with me a trend you have recently gotten into or one you want to try out this season!


Outfit Details:

Cuter Blazer | Tank Top | Similar Shorts | Shoes

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    1. I LOVE the shorts with the white blazer! I’m inspired to try this look! I hear you about the “shorts” journey. It took a while for me too!

    1. Simple yet so cute. DEFINITELY need a white blazer in my life, thanks for the inspiration!


    1. Ummmm no need to feel self conscious because you look great in this shorts look.

    1. You look absolutely flawless! I love the shorts matched with a white blazer, such a great look!

    1. U have nothing to worry about- u look great in those shorts and ur thighs are beautiful. With those heels on ur legs look super sexy. Embrace those curves with confidence!! x x

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