Hey Sweater Dress, Year round Curves







Hey there,

Now let’s all be honest, a good sweater dress can be a life saver. I used to never wear sweater dresses and once I finally got into them it was always the oversized ones. Finding this one was a win for me and is one of my favorites. I happened upon this beautiful dress one day when I was of course thrifting and I didn’t hesitate to purchase it. From the color, to the length, and the detail in the top of the dress I was in love.

When shopping for sweater dresses in general a rule of thumb is to always consider the material. If it’s a heavy fabric like wool or if it’s a much lighter fabric like a light knit. The type of fabric often determines the season to wear it in and what to pair it with. Believe it or not, there are Spring/Summer sweaters just like there are Fall and Winter ones. The heavier the fabric the colder the season, easy enough right?!

I would also suggest considering color and length when deciding on sweater dresses. Is the color a perfect match for a particular season, can it be paired with a certain shoe? This will help you decide if it’s something you want or not. One of my main objectives when searching for sweater dresses is fit. If it’s an oversized sweater dress does it fit me correctly to be stylish and not look like I took my uncles old sweater and put it on. If it is going to hug me, does it ensure that I have a waistline and covers my bottom and thighs?

I prefer to buy my sweater dresses while thrifting because you find unique ones and they are often one of a kind seeing as they are a revisited trend. Also, buying them new unless you’re in a high end store sometimes they’re see through and too light a fabric. Always check the transparency on anything that’s one piece and is supposed to cover multiple private areas.

We all know my style is “simple fashion.” I love to dress cute, but I don’t like to go overboard or find random trends to participate in just because. I am very conscious of my curves and also my not so curvy areas, so purchasing a sweater dress that would hug all of them seemed a bit out of my league. Luckily, this one worked out. I paired it with my beautiful Target boots and a small crossbody coin purse, and I took this belt off of some other dress I haven’t worn in years and we had a hit. As I have been finding ways to wear cute and creative earrings in the last few months (just grown a love for them) These Diamond shaped 2 toners added an effortless touch to this outfit. I hope you enjoyed it.

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