That Orange Dress

IMG_9843As I have been enjoying this Spring weather, on the days it is not raining at least, I want to go bright or go home with it all lately! My life has been extremely busy and full of travel so staying in high spirits is a must, and bright colors do just that for me.

As I need to also pull more of my unworn wardrobe from the closet, you will begin to see some old-new pieces over the next few weeks! As many of you know, I shop on a budget so I often purchase items out of season and save them for later, but to be honest they can sometimes be forgotten. Much like this lovely orange dress, I purchased from New York and Company about two seasons back, it was time to pull it out!IMG_9850When I originally purchased this dress, I also purchased the same one in pink, which I wore with a kimono to a wedding reception. Check out the Pink dress here. This time around, I wanted to go for a denim and classy day out, and I think I pulled it off quite well. I decided on keeping it simple so the color and hoes alone would be the focal point (huge fashion secret, less can absolutely be more!)

IMG_9852This awesome long denim jacket is a true favorite as it is super fashion forward and in the now, but also very flattering for taking a lot of focus off of how form fitting the dress is as I wore this as a day time look! I love the distressed detail in the jacket as well which gave it some urban edge.

IMG_9859This look paired with my floral slide in heels was not only cute and comfy, it was day time fun with edge. These are also some of the most comfortable heels I have ever worn which is a real plus for me. As much as I love heels, I really do like more of a comfortable lifestyle.

IMG_9867Check out the details of this look below as well as some of my other denim looks!



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