The classic Grey and Black










Hey friends!

I couldn’t help it… I had to post all of these pictures, I was excited (and a bit oily so excuse my makeup). I love leather jackets and I love even more how great a leather jacket makes me feel. I have been maximizing on this weather all season! I am simply amazed at how long I was able to wear leather jackets and see so much sunshine!

As Winter is upon us now, I thought sharing this street look from a few weeks ago was perfect. I love to mix Black and grey together for several reasons. One they are great together, but also because Black is the color that slims and grey is the color that embodies intellect and wisdom. Grey and Black are both classic, traditional colors and when you mix them together no matter the style you choose, they make a perfect combo.

This dress was a total steal from one of those super cheap stores like Citi Trends, Burlington or Forman Mills, it was seriously like $3. My infamous Clearance Leather jacket from Wilsons leather paired with my Charlotte Russe booties and Sears Round bag made me ready for the streets in a classic yet street look. If you would like to know how to mix colors and different styles and trend Book me now to serve you.

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