The free shoe!


Everyone wants free shoes right?? I went into Sears looking for a dress and came across these beautiful simple and fun summer booties. They originally retail for $39.99, were on sale for $19.99 when I went in and I got them for FREEEEEEE!!!! How do you ask? 2 ways. I applied for the credit card (which is a soft credit pull, and takes 2 min, never has to be activated either with no penalty) and received a $30 reward instantly. (I wanted a sears card anyway so it was an amazing day for me), but I am also a Shop Your way member, which is a free rewards program for Sears and KMart stores. They have amazing deals and coupons all the time. I also bought other items in the store this day with a total of over $50 and I left with everything for free. Click here for details on shop your way rewards.

If you want cash back when you shop with no hassle and it’s free Sign up here

All you have to do is login on the site before shopping type in the store you want to shop at, it will send you to their website, purchase your items and BOOM, cash back on every purchase you make!!!

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