The Good Witch

Hey y’all, It’s HOT! Like for real hot! I am from Michigan so hot weather is exciting but also a little bitter sweet. We don’t get summer days for too long, but when we get really good ones, their almost unbearable. As soon as I get used to a season, it changes… I am not exactly sure how I manage every year, but I’m making it day by day lol.

As we talked about recently. I have been in love with wearing Black lately, even when it’s crazy hot outside. Black has actually been pretty cooling for me as it soaks up the sun before it hits my body which is nice. As much as I like wearing black, I’m trying to be concious of not overdoing it, as I should enjoy some summer colors too while I can.

This look was perfect as I focused on a long black sleeveless tunic that was super simple and fit me to a comfort level I loved. I paired it with some distressed denim, which is one of the best ways to wear Summer denim. This top and these stretchy denim were not only cool, but super cute together. 

To maximize on keeping cool, I added a sun hat and it worked wonders for not only adding to this look, but to also helping me stay cool on these hot summer days. I wanted a little detail so I added one of my favorite Aldo cross bodies and some animal print heels. This look was a hit and will be one of my staple looks for simple, Summer! What is your favorite detail about this look?



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    1. Yessss Care, that hat is perfect I love this look Bestfriend.

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