The power of 3

Ever wonder why some of your outfits are cute but just a little boring? … You may be missing that third piece! Adding a third piece will often take your outfit up levels with the right piece! We to often  under and overkill outfits. We typically underkill when we don’t feel like getting dressed or are having a bad day, and overkill when we are really trying to be cute in a short period of time. The third piece rule, can help you with that!!!! Try on your main two pieces when getting dressed and add one more piece of your choosing to see how much of a difference it can make with out you trying to hard, or ruining a perfectly good ensemble.

Took this boring Spring shirt up a level by adding a Black necklace to cover the neckline and make it a bit more fun. I wasn’t feeling well this day at all, so it helped to be able to have a go to shirt and still look fashionable with an added piece.photogrid_1466435224432.jpg

Wanted to be cute on a day that was to hot to truly enjoy. 91 degree day this summer, decided to wear a white shirt and some blue jean shorts. (boring on their own) added a hat  to help keep me cool, and there you have it!photogrid_1466435546323.jpg

Excuse the bra in pic one… This dress is a bit boring to be a formal dress, so I wear it as a fancy maxi with a Blue jean jacket and necklace for a day out on the town….photogrid_1466435778915.jpg

This Black dress is a classic and one of my favorites. I got it out the maternity section in Target and it fits and hugs every place just right because of the material. Took this dress from simple Black dress (which I love as well) to Chic with a Black Blazer with Gold military style buttons for a cold boat ride one Spring evening. photogrid_1466435835673.jpg

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