Thrifted top, Vintage Skirt 

Hey Fashion Loves,

Happy Fall! If you don’t know, this is literally my favorite season and one I have waited for all year long (haha). As soon as it gets here I am excited for what’s to come, but the moment it begins to fade something just happens where some of my Fashion joys goes with it. I’ll just chop that up to coat wearing season! Don’t get me wrong, I like coats for fashion, but practical wear is exhausting. 

Anywho, let’s talk THRIFTING! As you all know thrifting is my favorite kind of shopping. I’m talking an in store creative kind of experience! One of the things most people ask me is “How do you always find something when you thrift?” My answer is simple, “First off, I don’t, but I enjoy the process anyway.” Now don’t get me wrong, it is rare that I don’t find something while thrifting, but it is even more rare that I give up at just one store. I in particular like the flexibility of Goodwill brand thrift stores. They are well known, respected, and lots of people donate and shop there. I am able to gain an eclectic style because of this. One of the keys for me in thrifting is shopping in every department (minus kids). I shop womens, men’s, maternity, work, and plus sizes. I also start one size down in shirts and dresses from my typical size to allow me to happen upon some of those pieces with stretch and versatility. This is literally what happened with this look. I was casually thrifting one day and came across this beautiful shirt (one size down from my normal size) and I could not resist. This shirt joy only fit well, it looks vintage and has amazing detail! Although the look of this shirt is vintage and elegant detail, it is not a vintage shirt. I can tell by the quality. The shirt is not a bad quality by far, but it is not particularly what you would have gotten from a true vintage piece. I was able to fit this top because it’s buttons in the back all the way up leaving me room to comfortably get into it, and it has a lot of stretch. I happened upon this skirt, which is vintage about a year ago in a local Goodwill and was bummed when I got home and could not get it buttoned up due to my body shape/weight. Low and behold, this year is different! I was able to get into this skirt and feel good in it! When it comes to vintage pieces, I always consider those a win in my book from thrifting! The quality of a thrifted garment is unmatched. They can literally weather the storm. The sizing is different (much smaller) one of the reasons I thought I would be able to fit this skirt, yet was not able to at the time of purchase. The material is typically of higher quality. Not to mention the look and detail of vintage pieces tend to be captivating.

Do you thrift? What’s your method of execution? Do you enjoy vintage pieces? Let me hear from you! 

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