Tightly Shaped


Who can resist a liquid skirt when its Autumn! I know I can’t. I really want to celebrate how much I love this skirt…lol. Seriously though This skirt came from Love Culture (I was shocked I could even fit anything in there). I happened upon these lovely tights recommended to me by one of my friends and before I knew it I was completing a look. Pulled out my favorite light weight tank and my green Leather jacket, mixed with these slightly matching shoes, I had a real creation this day. I enjoy being unorthodox in the way these tights make me look. I often hear people talk about skater skirts and patterned tights being for young girls or they’re childish… I am confident that this outfit proves some of those people wrong. I’m well over 20, much closer to 30 and I can pull off geometric tights and a liquid skater skirt!

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