Tone it Down






Hey there!

Thanks for stopping by if you’re new to Fashion with Care, and welcome back if you aren’t new. I’m so glad you’re here! As I have been sticking to the theme of Fall colors and trends, I pulled out a risky sexy attire for day time. Who do I think I am? haha. If you are interested in learning how to mix and mingle with clothes and timing let me style you.

As this picture was captured in November, I find it hard to believe I was outside in Michigan with no coat on and showing a bit of skin. (It was seriously 72 degrees this day). I hope it does not sound like I’m complaining, because I am not. I am soaking it all in although a nice breeze does not bother me at all.

As I opted for this fashionable H&M sale top and this Love Culture basic bandage skirt. I had a new fit that took my day from basic to flirty. One of the things I loved about this outfit was the ability to play around with a printed shoe because the details in the outfit were so basic. If you need help coordinating clothes check out my personal styling service.

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