Slowly Falling….




First things first, Excuse my camera!!!! I just ordered a professional camera, well maybe its semi-professional. I can’t wait for it to get here so we can see what quality it brings my photos! Anywho, I miss you all so much and I am so happy to be posting on a Monday again…life is busy sometimes, and mixed with my lazy we get nowhere on Mondays!!

So this outfit today is dedicated to the transitioning from Summer to Fall. I know you’re probably like but you have your legs out and you still have on flowers and all that jazz, but as we transition into another season I love to mix the colors from one season and the patterns and prints from another. Although I am more than ready for boots, oversized sweaters and hat weather, I will settle for a few more weeks of summer mixed with a breeze.

For this particular outfit I decided on a couple of blue tones mixed with a green-ish skirt. This shirt, which I got from the clearance rack at JC Penny is a perfect mixer for ending summer, it has flowers as the print but a dark blue base as the shirt itself….it’s PERFECT!!! I decided on this green-ish skirt from the clearance rack at Target eons ago to bring out the very subtle green that’s in the skirt as well as separate the Blazer (which I’ll get to in a moment) from the shirt as well. This Blazer which is a thrift store buy brought this outfit together perfect for work. I must admit the shirt does have sleeves so it could possibly stand alone, but for a more professional look I opted for the blazer. Now these shoes are doing their own thing! I didn’t want to wear a red pair and I do not own blue flats, heels, or anything closely relevant (shocker) so we decided on a pop of individual color which I snagged off the $15 rack at Charlotte Russe about a year back, and I love it!!! Hope you enjoyed!

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