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Hey Fashion Loves,

I am back with some new pieces. All of which come from 2 of my favorite stores. One of these pieces is from Target and two of these pieces are from Goodwill. Can you tell which are from where? Of course you can’t, because they all look so good (In my mind at least). Today’s look is one that I am excited about and want everyone to own lol. 

Let’s start from the top down. As you know Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids has been good to me in so many ways! I have been able to find almost all of my work clothes there and so many of my favorite pieces have also been found in Goodwill. Both this blazer and top are new editions to my Goodwill collection and they came together so well in this look. The blazer cost me $5, while the top was $2.99. Talk about a steal. One of the things I loved most about this blazer is that it did not need to be altered. It fit me perfectly right off the rack and was so comfortable as well. It is a cotton blend and a truly vibrant pink color. The top had this cute detail on it, which meant I couldn’t possibly pass it up and it is sleeveless which allowed me to have some breathing room with the blazer.

Now, Target comes in at a good 1.5/2nd to Goodwill for me and I can’t tell you how excited I was to try out their new line “A New Day“. I stumbled on this line while walking through the aisle on the way to the clearance rack and could not pass up these ankle pants. I usually begin my shopping shenanigans in the Clearance section, but these got my attention before I made it there. First off the color of them is so unique to me and I have never had a pair of pants this color (Of course I purchased the Black pair as well.)  I love that they are belted with a super cute tie belt and believe it or not, they were only $24! I have already worn these pants twice because I can’t get enough of them! If you like these, check out the entire A New Day collection Of course, I have to share a little detail of these shoes with you as they were a bargain as well. I purchased these from Amiclubwear last year for $15 and decided to bring them out once more before the season completely changes. The many colors in these shoes played very well with this look and the floral detail gave some added detail to the overall look itself. I am so happy with this look and being able to pull it together from two of my all time favorite stores was a plus. Tell me what you thought of this look? Have you checked out the A New Day collection yet? What was the last thing you purchased from your local Goodwill? I’m all ears!

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