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Hey Fashion Lover,

I’ve missed you. I hope you have missed me just as much! As I haven’t blogged in a little over 2 weeks I feel like this is my first time all over again. I am feeling very new to this at the moment (weird right). Not to mention this election that just took all the energy I had. Anywho, I figured, what better way to come back to you than with a Fall vintage look! I don’t need to say it, but I will any way, Fall is my favorite season, and the fashion gives me so much life honey!!I just can’t express how much joy this outfit brought me and all these thighs. If you love Fall or even winter as it is approaching contact me now to serve as your personal stylist.

Although vintage thrifting can be fun to a true shopper, vintage shopping is a task. It involves many emotions and sometimes you come up with nothing at all. As someone who is always looking for vintage fashion, because of the quality, originality and price point, trust me, I know this process all to well. Luckily for me in this case, these beautiful thrifted pants were a gift from someone who knows my style just perfectly!

I was able to pair these jeans with this cut out shirt I purchased at H&M while visiting Ohio for less than 10 bucks and my old school block heels which I paid $7 for! This outfit came together in a way I never imagined, and it was a success amongst those I encountered. If you are looking to take some of your old clothes or the clothes of those you love and add your own flare and funk to them check out my personal styling and recreated looks services.

More of my vintage looks will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

PhotoCred: Maalik Falsetto

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