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I’m back! Last week we started this series of What to wear to a wedding with some fabulous simple looks! This week I am bringing out a little bit more with some patterns and varying lengths for a wedding! As you all know I am on both sides of the wedding train this year, as a guest and as a bride. This is an exciting and also very interesting time. As I now have a brides perspective, I am constantly asking myself when I go to weddings, “Would I be offended as the bride if someone wore this?” I know, I shouldn’t be thinking about that on my wedding day, and I most likely won’t be, but I’m just overly conscious lately. This weeks post is focusing on how to incorporate patterns into your wedding attire. Like I mentioned last week, one of the things you never want to do (at least in my mind) is outshine the Bride. This is often hard to do but trust me there are people who will try their hardest to be the talk of a wedding. One of the key no no’s as a wedding guest is wearing white unless the Bride and Groom request this of guest. You should also stray from wearing capes, trains, and dramatic length dresses if at all possible. Remember you are a wedding guest and not actually apart of the ceremony.

One of the easiest ways to throw a pattern into your wedding attire is in a “Work dress.” If you can wear it to work, you can probably wear it to a wedding. The dress above is one of my work dresses that I take to conferences and “meeting days,” I simply dropped the blazer and added some sexier heels. Who says work clothes can’t be fun. The key with this piece is I don’t need to add anything to it. The dress speaks for itself and its a great fit for my body. The length is extra safe as it is at my knee and I can wear high heels to lengthen my stature. This is also a great dress for if you are matching your date because it has multiple versatile colors for your date to play off of. Give one of those work dresses a try instead of buying a new dress every time you’re invited somewhere!

One of my absolute favorite wedding looks beyond the LBD and Wrap dress from last weeks post is an off the shoulder look. Showing off some skin is always a win in the wedding attire world. Keeping it simple up top with your shoulders acting as the detail for your look leaves room for you to make your pattern work for you on the bottom. I chose to go with a nude shoe for this look so that the gold detail in my front zipper would pop, and I loved it. Always remember when wearing patterns the simple details matter too. Wearing off the shoulder tops leaves room for you to pair them with a variation of bottoms such as bandage, midi, A-line, and maxi (avoid trains). The versatility of them is amazing and they are quite sexy.

For off the shoulder looks although I enjoy simplicity up top if my pattern is on the bottom, you can go the opposite way as well. Check out a look I wore to a wedding last year where my pattern was in the top and I kept the skirt simple (POST). Just because you are wearing a pattern does not mean you have to overdue it or go all out. You can keep your efforts minimal and pick a piece that does all of the work for you.

So some of you are thinking, these looks are cute and all but I’m a one piece multi use kind of girl. Don’t worry, I have my days where I want a multipurpose look as well. We cannot forget about the infamous maxi dress that can be dressed up or down, and worn to many different occasions. The key in wearing a maxi dress to a wedding in general is avoiding a white one (unless the couple request guest wear white) and absolutely avoiding  a train, long length maxi. You are a guest and not a part of the wedding party so you should never have a dress that is sweeping the floor too much (unless it’s a Black tie/Formal wedding). The thing I love most about this maxi dress I have on is it was thrifted! Found it for a whole $5.99 at the Goodwill!

One of the things that works most when wearing a patterned maxi is keeping the pattern a little less formal than what some of the bridal party may be wearing. Material is also a thing to consider as you are deciding on a maxi dress. I always stray away from silks and long fine satin’s. I would also pair a maxi dress with heels to once again avoid that “bridal party” look. Your dress should be long enough to be considered a maxi, but not too short where it looks like an awkward midi dress. Keep the pattern safe and colorful (solids dresses are okay, but add jewelry).

I hope you enjoyed these looks. Leave me a comment with your thoughts on some wedding wear. I’d love to hear what you would wear!

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    1. My favourite is the first one. And u say that is just a work dress?!!! lol With those heels too u look the BOMB!! xx

      1. Thanks so much! I wear it to work but I’m bringing it out to plat this summer as well. 🙂

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