What to wear to a wedding: Something Simple

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I hope you all are ready for wedding season and Summer all together. I know I am, from both sides of it. As a soon to be bride and also as a guest at quite a few weddings this year, this is an exciting time. When it comes to weddings it is an honor to be invited, a task to get dressed/find an outfit, and a lot of fun celebrating love. Over the past few months many of you have requested that I show you some ideas on things to wear to a wedding. This week and next week I will share some of my favorite “What to wear to a wedding” items.

This weeks post is focusing on wearing something simple and safe to a wedding. One of the things you never want to do (at least in my mind) is outshine the Bride. This is often hard to do but trust me there are people who will try their hardest to be the talk of a wedding. One of the key no no’s as a wedding guest is wearing White unless the Bride and Groom request this of guest. You should also stray from wearing capes, trains, and dramatic length dresses if at all possible. Remember you are a wedding guest and not actually apart of the ceremony.

If you are anything like me and still like to have a little flair I would opt for detail in a shorter dress such as bell sleeves, off the shoulder, or form fitting. With wearing something shorter and the detail and focus being up higher it eliminates the potential of you dressing like you are apart of the wedding party. A vibrant color, although not mandatory is another way to show up for a wedding. If you know the parties colors avoid those if possible, but be sure to add some color for the Spring and Summer weddings if you can.

Another good idea for a wedding is a Little Black Dress (LBD). I know I just mentioned how wearing a vibrant color is not a bad idea and that is true, remember Black is a color as well and it is an extremely safe color to wear. Every girl needs a LBD and a wedding is an excellent reason to pull it out.

LBD’s should almost always be shorter for a wedding. Black is a formal color and is often worn to Black tie and fancy events. Sometimes you may wear something Black and long and not realize, it by nature makes you look a bit more dressed up than anticipated. Yes, we’ve been conditioned in this way. Adding in a shoe that is fitting to the look is a key element in pulling off a successful LBD.

When wearing a LBD to a wedding I would focus on the jewelry more than anything. The dress will be simple and potentially make you slimmer so add your detail around your neck, wrist or ears. You also do not have to worry about spills or getting dirty which is always a plus when attending the reception or bringing small children with you.

One of my favorite options in life in general, but especially for a wedding is a wrap dress. They are not only comfortable, but they can be dressed up or down, and often don’t need many accessories. A wrap dress is also extremely versatile in terms of transitioning well from the wedding ceremony to the reception or after glow.

A good wrap dress shows off your curves and gives you a waistline which is a definite plus in my book. You will be able to do some dancing and eating (thats important to me) while not worrying about bloating to a point of protruding out of your dress. This is always an excellent option for a daytime wedding if you need to get dressed early and run errands or be out before the ceremony as well.

I hope you enjoyed this portion of the What to wear to a wedding series! Stay tuned next Saturday for more wedding fun with the Patterned series. I’d love to hear your feedback and any of your ideas for what you would wear to a wedding. Drop me a line in the comments.

Out fit Details:

Blue Bell Dress (in Black)| Shoes

Similar Black Bodycon| Similar Shoes

Pink Wrap Dress (I would buy a size down)| Shoes



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    1. I think u will still outshine the bride but that’s because u look gorgeous in all three of these dresses. 😉 Possibly my favourite is the black although I prefer the colour of the blue, u do look stunning in all 3 though. The pictures are perfect and ur shape is too hawt! x x

      1. Thank you so much for checking this out! I appreciate it, but I hope I wouldn’t outshine the bride as I wore the blue dress to a wedding this Spring lol.

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