Winter Tones





Hey there fashion lover,

What have you all been up to? Well I’ve been a busy lady lately with all the fun happening in life! Since I know you all probably miss me as much as I miss connecting with all of you I wanted to bring you some Fall fashion in Winter.

So you know how we have those colors and shades that are fit for specific seasons? Well, that’s cool and all but I decided to whip out one of my “typical fall outfits” for a winters day! Believe it or not although there is snow on the ground in these pictures it was a fairly mild Day. These jeans and sweater were a perfect combination to show off some Fall colors in the Winter season. The fun thing about this outfit is I snagged the entire fit from Target, literally! The sweater, jeans, purse and boots! Talk about a shopping miracle. I am comfortable, cute, and a little defiant! I love it! Hope you did too.

Stop back by and see me soon!

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