Zig Zaging

Fashion Loves,

I cannot believe we are well over a month into summer. Someone has to make it slow down, someway somehow. 🙂 As much as I am excited for the Fall because I’m getting MARRIED… I am enjoying not having to wear layers for the time being (but I will be ready to slay FALL). Anywho, I thought I would not only bring you these super cute shorts and shoes today, but I wanted to chat about how I am zig zaging through life right now.

So you know I just told you I am getting married this Fall right?, well, I’m excited, nervous, and all together a bit overwhelmed at times. I am not sure what all will change once I tie the knot, but I do know that something will because I am already feeling it. Life has never been cut and dry for me, and I can truly say it has not been a straight line thus far. Hence, why I am zig zagging through life. I have become a lot more patient over the last few years, and honestly the last few months have helped me to grow a bit more as well. I have come up against some pretty tough situations, people, and problems and I have found ways to avoid them altogether or handle them in stride (trust me zig zagging is easier said than done). From finances to people asking me unwanted questions, I have had to adjust so much of my personality in this season of my life. I am eager to move into the next stage of my life, but I am even more eager to marry my awesome fiance! He is truly one of the people that makes me smile daily!

Okay, enough sharing, let’s get to the fashion. I have found a love for Burlington over the last year or so and I cannot be happier. I started going into Burlington for my fiance originally as its his go to store. It has now become my go to store and the place that helps me grow my closet to endless possibilities! I have pretty large feet and I often go to the shoe department of any store I go into because I have a hard time finding shoes and never want to miss an opportunity. I was in Burlington a few weeks ago and to my surprise, I left the store with 2 pairs of beautiful shoes. Thes black studded platforms are one of them. Not only are these shoes super cute, they are crazy comfortable and versatile. I paid $14.99 for them and they were worth every cent!

I am not sure if many of you pay attention to the clothes section in Meijer when you go in for your groceries and other knick knacks, but about 2 years ago Meijer became one of my hot spots for clothes! I started going to Meijer when I was in undergraduate at Michigan State because they carried MSU gear for the big games! My ventures though Meijer quickly became quest for cute affordable clothing. This leads me to these super cute and comfy shorts. I purchased these last year, and bought two pair in two different prints as they were bogo, buy one get one free. I love how they have a zig zag pattern, are high waisted and vibrant. Who knew Meijer would give me so much life! If you like these shorts and these shoes remember sometimes the hidden gems are where you least expect them!


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